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bathroom outside pee piss toilet спасибо объяснение
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Bathroom outside pee piss toilet

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There are certain things that all people do that make us human, even though we might be a little bashful talking about them. As it turns out, pee may even have a place outside your toilet bowl. Who knew? It sounds crazy, but urine can actually have a huge impact in your garden, and for reasons that might surprise you. Believe it or not, using pee for a purpose, instead of just flushing it down the toilet, has a ton of benefits, for you and your yard.
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Peeing Outside: 8 Incredible Benefits Of Going ‘Number 1’ In The Backyard Every Chance You Get

Bathroom outside pee piss toilet
Bathroom outside pee piss toilet
Bathroom outside pee piss toilet
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Is It Sanitary to Pee in the Shower or Should You Stop Immediately? | SELF

Peeing in the shower is one of those things a lot of people have done at some point but may be reluctant to admit. It makes such perfect sense on a practical level, though! You also may have heard that urine is sterile, so you can pee on yourself with abandon and still technically be clean. Here, experts weigh in on this pressing question. Your pee is mostly water, according to the Mayo Clinic.
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Teaching Your Dog to Eliminate on Command

No matter how careful she is, no matter how her bigass purse teems with delicate, fluttery paper products and hand lotion and tampons and aspirin and band aids, there will come a time in every woman's life when she's faced with a desperate pee situation. A toilet will be clogged, a bathroom inaccessible, the line for the bar's commode buzzing with bug-eyed coke users who can't wait to spend 10 minutes in there jabbering about how they're best friends now and isn't this music awesome? She will have to take a piss in a place that isn't a traditional sit-down toilet situation, and so will you. Here's how to do it without getting pee all over yourself, getting arrested, or accidentally urinating for an audience. Before we talk about urinating in sinks and on dumpsters and in Pringles cans and the such, let me stress that I'm not advocating breaking into a stranger's house and pissing into his house plants.
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What is it that we are supposed to break? This term is deeply rooted in the forced-based philosophy of dog training, and immediately gives new dog and puppy owners the wrong mind-set about the process of teaching their dog to urinate and defecate in appropriate places. We are housetraining, not housebreaking, I gently remind my human students and fellow dog trainers when they slip and use the old-fashioned phrase.
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